To Apply

Email completed applications to by Friday July 15, 2011 (priority deadline). Participants will be notified by Friday July 22, 2011.


As a team leader, you will be an ambassador for the South Bay Womyn’s Conference and are expected to help us communicate the mission and goals of the program to students and community members.  All performances and programs within South Bay Womyn’s Conference are coordinated by the steering committee, Womyn on Womyn’s Issues, and SJSU Women’s Resource Center staff.  Team leaders balance the work, generate more ideas and support each other.  You will be responsible for teambuilding activities for your volunteers, and recruitment of the following year’s team leaders.  Commitment is from July 2011 to April 2012.

Key Responsibilities

1.  Steering Committee Meetings

Summer meetings are weekly on Friday from 12-1:30pm in Hoover Hall 116.  Meetings from August 2011 to April 2012 will be determined.

2.  Volunteer Coordinating

All team leaders are expected to maintain a record of service hours for their respective volunteers and to report back after the production.  They are encouraged to brainstorm low-cost recognition opportunities for volunteers.

3.  Project Report

All team leaders will write up a project report following the conference describing their tasks, evaluation, and feedback including important files both soft and hard copies to ensure the following year’s team leaders can follow up on the assigned tasks.  Team leaders will also hold a meeting with the following year’s Steering Committee to ensure sustainability of the South Bay Womyn’s Conference.

4.  Conference

All team leaders are expected to be present for before, during, and after the conference.

5.  Post-Conference Evaluation

All team leaders are expected to hold a meeting to evaluate and document feedback for the following year’s Steering Committee.


Workshop and Panels Coordinator

  • Collect workshop applications from campus and community members to be reviewed by the Steering Committee.
  • Maintain communication with presenters and panelists.
  • Collaborate with the Multimedia Coordinator to manage the audiovisual equipment arrangements for as requested be presenters.
  • Work with the Steering Committee to reserve rooms and delegate them to workshops.
  • Organize evaluation feedback from participants, presenters, and panelists.

Registration Chair

  • Organize student and community registration process online.
  • Communicate with registrants about questions regarding the conference.
  • Work with Finance Chair to track money and resource development.
  • Confirm all off-campus registrants and distribute maps to them via email.
  • Head registration tables at conference.
  • Collaborate with the Steering Committee to delegate volunteers.

Sustainability and Nutrition Specialist

  • Seek food donations from local businesses.
  • Work with the Finance Chair to compare food vendor purchases accordingly with committee budget.
  • Organize the delivery of food and set-up the day of the conference.
  • Coordinate waste management with volunteers using recycling and compost bins during the conference.

Multimedia Coordinator

  • Create and manage the website and social media websites such as YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Work with Activities Chair, Speaker and Keynote Coordinator, and Workshop and Panels Coordinator on capturing sound, photos and video, and managing audiovisual equipment during the conference.
  • Manage social networking sites and online event calendars conference advertising.
  • Produce multimedia projects to be shared on our website, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Recruit and manage volunteers interested in filming and photography during the conference.

Marketing Coordinator

  • Design, print, and distribute brochures, signs, and fliers on campus and in the community.

Post signs for reference the morning of the conference, and work with the Sustainability and Nutrition Specialist to recycle or compost the signs respectively.

  • Collaborate with the Multimedia Coordinator to manage the social media websites such as the website, Youtube, Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Write and distribute press releases for local newspapers, radio stations, and television stations.
  • Coordinate with writers for coverage in local newspapers.

Community Outreach Chair

  • Outreach and cultivate partnerships with on campus and community organizations.
  • Collaborate with the Marketing Coordinator with publicity.
  • Table at public events, introducing people to South Bay Womyn’s Conference’s mission, and programs, and recruiting volunteers.
  • Work with Finance Chair in community fundraising efforts.
  • Recruit volunteers and work with the Steering Committee to delegate, supervise, and recognize volunteers before and during the conference.
  • Track volunteer hours with the Steering Committee through database management system.

Finance Chair

  • Work with the Sustainability and Nutrition Specialist to acquire financial or food donations from local businesses and individuals.
  • Track funds allocated from on campus and community sources.
  • Track discounts or donations provided by campus and community sources.
  • Track and dispense funds as needed by team leaders for conference.
  • Collaborate with Registration Chair to manage funds.

Speaker and Keynote Coordinator

  • Research potential speakers from the community, campus, and other campuses.
  • Maintain communication with the speaker and keynote speaker.
  • Ensure that all volunteers and coordinators are supported during the conference.
  • Organize evaluation feedback from participants, presenters, and panelists.

Activities Chair

  • Research and procure artists for the evening performance.
  • Collaborate with the Multimedia Coordinator to set up audiovisual equipment.
  • Work with the Marketing Coordinator to recruit vendor applications from student organizations, non-profits, businesses, and community organizations.
  • Manage the layout of vendor tables.