Assistant Director Bonnie Sugiyama Assistant Director
Yan Yin ChoyCommunity Intern

Yan Yin has been studying at San José State University in environmental studies and anthropology for the last three years, focusing on research of barriers and benefits of sustainable food systems. As former co-director (2011) and cast (2010) of V-Day SJSU “The Vagina Monologues,” Yan Yin was inspired to continue to raise awareness of womyn’s issues through art.  Avenues such as Women Rising, empowers Yan Yin to pursue spoken word.  Additionally, Yan Yin serves as theDirector of Student Rights and Responsibilities with Associated Students at SJSU and Community Intern with theSJSU Women’s Resource Center. She will be organizing the 10th annual benefit awareness performance of “The Vagina Monologues,” the 1st annual South Bay Womyn’s Conference, Brown Bag Lunch Series, and updating social media avenues.  Yan Yin loves the Women’s Resource Center and wants to bring all genders to work on the issues of gender equity.

Community Intern Chris Hernandez Community Intern

Chris Hernandez is a senior music major. Chris makes buttons and t-shirts, and catalogs our library.
  Mirna MendozaCommunity Intern

Mirna Mendoza is fourth year Sociology major with a concentration in Criminology who hopes to minor in graphic design. Mirna has been active on the SJSU campus as a founding sister of Sigma Pi Alpha and this year she will be performing in the cast of the Vagina Monologues. Along with acting as Marketing Coordinator for the SBW this year Mirna also works at the Women’s Resource Center as a Community Intern where she excels at creating event graphics that draw in an audience.

  Samantha Pedrosa Community Intern

Samantha Pedrosa is a 5th year philosophy major at SJSU, she has been active both on campus and off as a high school mentor, officer in Womyn On Womyn’s Issues, and delegate at the 2011 Leadership Today Retreat. This year Samantha is working as a community intern at the Women’s Resource Center in Mod B and focusing on the South Bay Womyn’s Conference as co-founder and coordinator of the event. She has proven this time and time again by taking part in multiple social justice opportunities on campus such as the Vagina Monologues, Tunnel of Oppression, and Take Back the Night. She never lets an opportunity pass by where she can lend a helping hand. Samantha has spent hours nominating multiple students on campus for awards, never asking for anything in return. Samantha is an admirable womyn because she whole heartily and free willingly strives to educate students at SJSU, outside of the classroom.