Hello all,

Let me tell you about what the Women’s Resource Center is all about!

We are a multi-cultural group dedicated to the promotion of women’s issues and social change. We are committed to working together to build bridges of understanding the heal gulfs that divide us as a people.

We know that we must take time to listen to each other and learn. We believe that sexism, racism, classism, and homophobia intersect and none can be healed alone. As long as one person is oppressed we are all oppressed.

We feel that women are at the forefront of an exciting, re-energizing global movement for peace and social justice. We know that true global sisterhood will not be achieved until all of the injustices are recognized and healed. We are committed to empowering ourselves and each other to work towards this purpose.

We offer:
– Drop-in Social Space
– Meeting space for student groups focusing on womyn’s issues
– Library with 100’s of Classic and Contemporary Feminist and Gender Studies available
– V-Day and the annual benefit awareness performance “The Vagina Monologues”
– Take Back the Night
– Domestic Violence Awareness Month
– Sexual Assault Awareness Month
– Brown Bag lunch series with faculty, staff, and community members
– Volunteer and Leadership Opportunities
– South Bay Womyn’s Conference

The mission of the Women’s Resource Center is to support women and feminist students at San Jose State University. Through programming, and education outreach the Women’s Resource Center improves the campus climate for female-identified and/or feminist-identified students and advocate for the respect and safety of all the members of the campus and community. In collaboration with other campus programs, the Women’s Resource Center works to meet the needs of students to promote the successful completion of their educational goals. We welcome all persons who ever have, currently do, or will ever identify as “women.”

Come visit us!


Our location:

Hoover Hall Room 120 San Jose, CA 95192-0161

Our email:


Our office number:

(408) 924-6500